If your Core Community is the who aspect of our business model, then your Private Think Tank is the how aspect. Busy successful people often lack a forum to achieve clarity about big decisions on topics that seem to have lots of tentacles. We create a safe place in which to voice your ideas. We encourage people not to shy away from conversation in fear of a bad answer. In contrast, your Private Think Tank provides an environment in which to design your best possible outcomes.

Private Think Tank sessions often start with a question, frustration or the spark of a new idea; topics that don’t fit into a nice neat wrapper. The desire to shine some light on a scenario in the company of big thinkers you can trust.

Once we’ve identified the core issue and the potential opportunities, your Private Think Tank helps you achieve order out of chaos. Depending on your engagement model, we’ll either handle complete implementation for you, or clearly document each step of the action plan so that you can easily know when you’re done. Families become liberated by the ability to delegate their to-do lists. It frees up space in your daily thinking.