The known way of addressing one’s affairs is typically limited to financial and legal structures. While these are helpful tools for implementation, their inherent barriers and limits can suffocate one’s ability to think big about family, career and life.

During the What is Your Wingspan? process, we ask logic and practicality to step out of the room for awhile. Together we freely explore what life can hold for you from here forward. What represents fulfillment – what can offer you profound enjoyment and a deep sense of purpose?

In this process, we invite you to expose your unfiltered thinking. For many people, fears, aspirations and goals are interrelated. In our process, we identify and inoculate the fears that may stand in the way of your ability to aspire beyond your present scenario. Any single topic has unexpected reach. Simply inviting it into conversation allows you to spread your wings.

Consider your entire family – as individuals and collectively. Picture each member spreading his or her own wingspan and your family doing so as a family unit. What if each generation had the freedom and methodology to contemplate and achieve their unique possibilities?